Möt Nazeeh, dataanalytiker på Resultify

Nazeeh Koja Oghlan är marknadsförare och en mycket uppskattad dataanalytiker, med djupa kunskaper i digital analys och mätning som få andra besitter. Hans arbetsspråk är engelska, vilket passar bra då det är språket vi använder internt på Resultify.

What can you help your clients with?

– I work with data analysis and technical implementation for tracking and social media advertising. Generally, the clients I meet have specific KPI:s for their sales and marketing that they need to track and improve. They want to see the results that they need to achieve.

Sometimes they want more transactions, or to reach their audiences more effectively so they can sell more. In short, they want to increase their conversion rates.

What is your solution?

– Each business needs a different solution that suits the specific business case. Some need to start tracking their marketing and sales – then I can help them with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics or even creating dashboards via Data Studio or other tools. Other clients may need to increase their reach, so they can reach a bigger audience – then I help them create paid social media campaigns depending on where they will get the best results for their investment, to cover key points or key funnels.

When are you the most happy at work?

– When I do data analysis. I love doing the analysis. Data means nothing without analysis, but analysing data makes me come up with solutions that can help the clients in their future decision making.

Other than analysis, what’s your passion?

– I adore sports, all kinds of sports – football, tennis, badminton, table tennis, basketball, volley… But when it’s freezing outside I'd rather play video games at home. Especially Dota 2 and CS:GO. I usually play online with my friends from Jordan, so it’s a way to connect and spend time with my childhood friends. Sometimes I play with my wife too. I love that!

Any recommendations for those who want to improve their skills in analytics?

– I would recommend to go to the source of education. If you want to learn more about Facebook marketing and analytics, go to Facebook Blueprint and go through all the courses. You can get certifications there too.

– If you want to understand Google better, you should check out Google Academy. Their guide is very pedagogic, with assessments at the end of each course. It’s a lovely platform for learning and a really lovely tool!

Vill du komma igång med mätning eller effektivare sociala medier-annonsering? Eller har du frågor om hur du kan utvärdera om din marknadsföring verkligen leder till ökad försäljning?

Hör av dig till Nazeeh på nazeeh@remove-this.resultify.remove-this.se eller +46 735 18 52 35.
Du kan också läsa mer om mätning och analys av din marknadsföring här.