Meet Sheena, web analyst intern at Resultify

Numbers and data make marketing tangible, says Sheena Pun. As a web analyst intern at Resultify, she likes to put herself “in the numbers’ shoes” and trace the story behind the data all the way back to the source – to find the answers.

Hi Sheena! Why are you here at Resultify?

– I have always known that I like marketing, but not where I would fit in this field. Then I found an education in Web Analytics, which I know is something that the market needs. Marketing itself is creative, but not always tangible, until you actually look into the statistics behind it – and as I like numbers, I get best of both worlds.

– I got an opportunity for an interview here through my teacher at Medieinstitutet, Ehsan, and... here I am.

What did you do before studying Web analysis?

– My academic background is in Political Science, which I really enjoy. It gives you perspectives and that is important to have whatever you do in life.

What is your biggest challenge at Resultify?

– So far, the greatest challenge has been to look at the story behind the data, to put myself in the numbers’ shoes and “follow the numbers”. Where do they come from? And what was the original idea behind this? In web analysis, you can never take anything for granted. You can’t really draw any conclusions before you have checked it thoroughly, and gone all the way back to the source. It can, at times, go over your head.

How come you ended up in Malmö?

– I was born and raised in Thailand, and grew up with a Chinese dad and an Indian mom. They belong to the second generation of immigrants to Thailand. I think that has made me open-minded. People do things differently and that's ok. There is always more than one solution to a problem. I am also curious, so I came to Sweden at 17 to study. Before that I was in a British boarding school in India so it was an opportunity for me to continue to venture abroad.

So now you have found your “thing”?

– Coming from a mix family and having moved around a lot I’ve been lacking a sense of belonging, but finding my passion in web analysis at Resultify makes me feel great in terms of where I am at today. It feels so nice to have an identity in what I do that I can really relate to who I am as a person.

Welcome to Resultify, Sheena! We hope you feel at home!

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