5 tips for successful B2B content marketing

More and more B2B companies are actively working with content marketing, ie offering content based on the customer's interest and needs, because it builds credibility and a long-term relationship.

1. Wise preparation - strategy and planning

A key to the right content is to really get to know your target audiences - their needs, problems, motivations and interests. Gather information from different sources and feel free to do interviews. Only then can you know what kind of content they will actually absorb. Remember that content marketing is entirely on the recipient's terms.

Also do a keyword analysis and identify the keywords or concepts that your target audiences are most searching for, and match them to your offer. Choose one or a few to continue working with and make sure that your content always corresponds to these.

Then map the customer's journey and try to meet the different needs that arise along the way with the right content. Then put a plan forward - and divide the responsibility for implementation. If necessary, take help from us at resultify, for example, to make it flow smoothly.

2. Start with the website and then create a feed

The basis for content marketing is to give each visitor good content on the website, but you only get a really good effect when you continuously produce new content and place it in relevant channels. In this way, you start a flow around your company, where customers, leads and other interesting people are constantly reached by valuable content from you.

3. Find the balance between different types of content

Depending on the type of message you want to convey and to whom, different types of content can do the job best. It is also smart to find a good mix so that your target groups are reached by your core messages in different ways. The most commonly used content types are:

  • Motion picture with sound - for example videos and webinars
  • Text - for example articles, blogs and e-books
  • Picture - for example infographics, diagrams and photos

4. Select the right channels to reach out

A common way to work with content marketing is to let all your content "live" on your site and then push it out in relevant channels. When you get to know your target groups, you also know how and where to reach them best. Some common channels to consider are:

  • Email / newsletter
  • Social Media
  • SEO / SEM
  • Influencers
  • Native advertising

5. Do not miss measurement and analysis for future insights

When you are doing content marketing, take advantage of the opportunity to measure the results of your activities and draw conclusions for the continued work. Set goals for different types of conversions, such as reading an article, watching a video, downloading product sheets or asking for a quote - and do more of what works best. In this way, you constantly optimize your efforts and get the most out of the investment.