5 quick tipe for more efficient marketing

No, we know - there is no quick fix to improving the impact of marketing. But there are definitely some tricks that can relatively easily make a big difference for most people. Here we suggest five shortcuts to more effective marketing such as

1. Internal search a gold mine

Does your website have a search function, i.e. a small search box where your visitors can search for something on the site? Then this is a goldmine to analyze.

Internal search, or site search, reveals what your visitors really want to know more about - and what you should create marketing around.

The keywords here are a fantastic source of ideas for new content, new landing pages and new campaigns, but also give important signals if there is something you need to highlight more clearly on the site because the visitors do not find it via the usual navigation.

To start collecting search data on your site, enable Site Search in your Google Analytics account - here's Google's guide on how to do it. You can also contact us and get help to implement internal search or get started and measure it.

2. Sponsor effectively in social media

If you usually sponsor the posts in your social media, for example on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, then do not sponsor the posts the second after publication. Instead, wait a moment.

The first hour you will still be able to ride at the pleasure of the news - the channel gives your post a push because it is so fresh. When that effect starts to subside, you can sponsor the post. In this way, you take advantage of the social media's built-in algorithms and get the most possible reach right from the start.

3. Focus on lookalike audiences

If you run marketing on Facebook and have not tested lookalike audiences to target your ads yet - dare to try. Here are the results to reap!

Instead of manually targeting your ads, you can let Facebook find an audience that is similar to your existing users or followers. Facebook then identifies common characteristics of these and directs your ads to new users who are as similar to them as possible - a lookalike target group.

If you want help getting started with lookalike target groups, get in touch with us.

Here's Facebook's own guide on how to create a lookalike audience.

4. Fix the leaks on your website

We meet many companies that have good visitor traffic to their websites but a high bounce rate, i.e. that visitors leave the site early.

This is often a sign that the visitors - the potential customers - did not find the site interesting enough, did not find what they were looking for or that the site did not clearly lead them further.

Few things are as cost-effective and valuable as doing a quick analysis of what the flow of visitors through the website looks like, to find out where it "leaks".

By adding new content, CTAs (buttons and links) or changing the design right there, you can capture your visitors where they usually leave - and increase the likelihood that they will continue their journey through the site towards conversion.

Read more about customizing your site with conversion optimization here.

5. Identification and embarrassment - your secret weapon

No matter how good you are at reaching your target audience, your message must ultimately be compelling. The concepts we have seen succeed best often have one thing in common: they are based on messages that the target group recognizes themselves in, preferably in a slightly embarrassing way.

Messages that drive with a typical feature of the target audience that your products or services cure (or support) tend to go viral and spread widely digitally. We simply love tagging like-minded people in posts that strike something that is close to our personality.

For example, do you market banking services - think about things your target audience is doing secretly that reveal how bad they are in personal finance and that show that they need you. Operate with home-made solutions, pride, prestige and social codes. Works almost always!

Summary: 5 quick tips for more effective marketing

  • Analyze internal searches on your site
  • Wait a while with the sponsorship
  • Try lookalike audiences
  • Look for leaks on your website
  • Build campaigns based on identification